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Vision, Guidelines, and more

Why Community Service?

社区服务为学生提供了成为社区活跃成员的机会,并且可以有一个持久的, positive, impact on society at large. It enables students to acquire life skills and knowledge; as well as provide a service to those who need it most. 鼓励学生根据自己的价值观追求感兴趣的领域或激情项目,提供个人满足感和快乐.
For our high school students, 参与不仅会对组织和被服务的人产生影响, but also to the student. 服务的内在好处并不总是立竿见影的,学生可以为任何志愿者工作带来的一些最有价值的技能就是同情心, an open mind, a willingness to do whatever is needed, and a positive attitude. 社区服务活动也可以通过让学生在毕业前获得与工作相关的技能来提升学生的简历, 为雇主在社区参与方面建立良好的参考资料, 并提供了一个与未来潜在雇主建立联系的论坛.

For our middle school students, 进行社区服务让学生有机会亲眼看到他们的工作对世界有多大的影响. 我们在西伯里的许多学生在当地的食品银行做志愿者, animal shelters, retirement communities, and serving community meals, to name a few. 他们可以与有着截然不同背景的人互动,并在培养全球视野的同时学会耐心和同理心.

Any project, local or international, 如符合下列各项规定,便会计算在社区服务时数内:
  • 它不是为了个人利益,包括为成绩所做的工作,经济利益或物质利益.
  • 社区服务时间必须是一项解决社会或公民问题或专业领域兴趣的活动.
  • It requires more than 30 minutes to complete.
  • It requires suitable effort or engagement.
  • 该行动由社区服务主任批准.
  • 每项服务都必须通过本网站的社区服务表格提交.  All fields must be completed.
  • 在西伯里每年未完成30小时服务的毕业生将被扣留他们的文凭,直到完成这些小时.
The Community Service Director will enter your hours. 
Submit Community Service Hours Form
  • Go to FACTS SIS (RenWeb)
  • 在页面左侧的选项列表中选择“Family”
  • 从“家庭”页面顶部的下拉菜单中选择学生 (top middle of the page on a computer screen)
  • 服务时间应该是屏幕上的信息框之一


Opportunities for Community Service Hours


What: Langston Hughes PTO Chess Club volunteer
When: The club meets on Thursdays from 3:50-4:30 pm; volunteers wouldn't need to commit to going every Thursday but would need to commit to some sort of schedule.
地点:Langston Hughes小学图书馆,1101 George Williams Way
Description: 志愿者将与PTO国际象棋俱乐部的小学生一起工作,帮助他们提高棋艺,或者通常帮助他们下国际象棋. 总会有至少两名成年志愿者在场.
Contact: Interested volunteers can email PTO at or email the club's chair, Patrick Dipman, at

What: New York Elementary Chess Club volunteer
When: The club meets on Tuesdays from 3:30-4:15pm; volunteers wouldn't need to commit to going every Thursday but would need to use the SignUp Genius to create a schedule you can commit to.
Where: New York Elementary School, 936 New York Street
Description: 志愿者将与国际象棋俱乐部的小学生一起工作,或者通常帮助他们下国际象棋. There will always be adult volunteers present.
Contact: Interested volunteers can sign up HERE and send questions to the club's chair, David Arlo, at

What: Hillcrest Elementary PTO Volunteer Opportunities:
Hawkathon - Hillcrest马拉松俱乐部在秋季和春季的每周三举行. Fall season is Sept. 13-Nov. 15. Volunteers are needed from 2:20-3:00 pm. Please email Day Beck at for more information.
Fall Fling - Hillcrest Carnival. This is a one time event on Friday, Sept. 29. 志愿者需要在活动中设置、分解和工作站. 车站包括走蛋糕,面部彩绘,游戏,工作的食物桌,以及更多. For more information, please email Cody Howard at
Garden Committee - Help keep the Hillcrest grounds looking nice! 如果你想帮助这个美容小组,请给希瑟·斯普拉格发电子邮件
Other events during the year that also need volunteers: Email our PTO directly at Some of the upcoming events are: Movie Night (Wednesday and Thursday night in the winter); Hawk Walk (annual walkathon fundraiser in the spring); International Potluck (spring); and Science Night (spring).
如果你更感兴趣的是在学校里和学生或老师一起做志愿者, please email Michelle Hindman at

Who: DAISY Studios Inc. 为增加接触艺术的机会提供财政援助的非营利组织. 目前通过奖学金给舞蹈之色工作室.)
When: All KU football and basketball home games; dates listed in Signup Genius below
Where: David Booth Memorial Stadium or Allen Fieldhouse
Who: 学生和年满16岁并能在餐饮服务部门工作的成年人
What: Work concessions at KU football and basketball games
Details: 必须在预定日期前至少一周报名吗. Game times are TBA so report times are also TBA. Report times are 2-3 hours before game start time; workers generally stay until shortly after the game ends (5-7 hours total).
To sign up, use the Signup Genius HERE.



Looking for more ideas for Community Service? Please check out this website!
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